HTC PPC-6800 for Sprint Bumped Up to June

Sprint has taken considerable fire from its users for delaying the HTC PPC-6800 Titan all the way to October. However, Sprint appears to be ready to make amends for its poor timing.

The latest projected launch timeframe for the PPC-6800 is now set for mid-June. While we (constantly and continuously) stress that these dates are estimates, and should not be considered as anything other than internal projections, it does appear Sprint has made considerable efforts to ship the PPC-6800 later this month.

In order to do so, Sprint has decided to strip EV-DO Rev A from the initial release, and will offer a firmware update to enable it later this year. The device is currently expected to launch with Windows Mobile 6, making it the first Windows Mobile 6 device to be released on CDMA in the United States.

Contrary to popular belief, Sprint has maintained consistent first-strike launches in the Windows Mobile sector. Sprint launched the first Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition device, the PPC-6700.

However, Sprint’s history on firmware updates hasn’t fared as well. UTStarcom canceled their announced firmware update to give the PPC-6600 EV-DO. Also Sprint and UTStarcom failed to issue the critical AKU 3 update for the PPC-6700, which in turn forced hackers to create custom firmware for the PPC-6700 to provide fixes for major problems with the device.