HTC Finally Adds GPS to P3600 via Firmware Update

Owners of the HTC P3600 (which has a noted lack of coverage in the United States, due to its almost exclusive European availability) finally can use the GPS functionality in the device.

The P3600 is one of few GSM devices that include a built-in GPS receiver. CDMA devices include gpsOne as part of the CDMA chipset. However, HTC announced that there was a software bug in the P3600 that prevented the GPS from working correctly, and thus prompted them to ship the P3600 without GPS enabled. HTC promised the software update would be released later.

Today’s P3600 update both enables GPS, as well as makes several improvements. It adds improved browser and Bluetooth support, as well as a streaming video player. In addition, it also bundles TomTom Navigator 6 and one city map of your choice.

To download the firmware update, as well as TomTom for the P3600, visit HTC’s software update page at the link below.

HTC – P3600 Software Updates

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