Helio Gets the Drift

Helio, a Sprint Nextel MVNO, recently launched the Samsung Drift. The Drift is a slider phone with A-GPS and full GPS capabilities. And even comes with Google maps installed that utilizes your Drift’s GPS to find your location and the location of your destination to provide you with a route to get there. Although the Drift does not provide turn by turn directions, for the $225 price tag it does give you….

* QVGA Display
* EVDO Speeds in covered markets
* Your choice of White or Black
* 128MB internal memory with micro SD card slot and downloadable Media Manager
* 2mp camera with flash, zoom and picture editor for special effects
* Stereo media player, MP3 and MPEG4 player.
The Drift also comes with Helio’s Buddy Locater, which allows you to locate one of your Helio buddies via GPS and shows you their location, makes it a little easier to catch up with the in the amusement park or at the mall.

Helio Drift Product Page