Good T608 News? You decide.

Here’s some new info from someone who has access to the Sprint corporate intranet:

“I don’t want to get anyones hopes up, but I am going to speculate that the T608 is not dead and will be coming sometime in September.

I just noticed that they changed to release date on the marketing brief that is posted on Sprint’s intranet. The release date was June/July, and had not changed until now. It now says September. This may not mean that it is coming for sure, but if it was being scrapped, I would assume they wouldn’t change the release date.

They also posted in the intranet, a bluetooth training document. It says that there is a bluetooth handset coming, so they want employees to be trained on it.

Just a coincedence? I don’t know any other Bluetooth phones coming soon. Do you?

Just my opinion. Lets hope i’m right.”

Thanks to hc14 for the info!