Forum Launch Giveaway: A Free Year of Cingular!

In celebration of the launch of our forums, and already hitting 1,000 new threads, we have a bit of a giveaway….

We’re giving away a free year of Cingular Wireless service. We’ll mail you a SIM card loaded with $500 on it. Why $500? Because that’s the most Cingular will let us give away. You can use this $500 on a new Cingular plan/contract, or use it as a prepaid balance… whichever you prefer.

To enter, click the entry link below and post in the contest thread. To qualify, you must make/have more than one post in our forums (by the time the contest ends). So, feel free to do this by starting a new thread or contributing to an ongoing discussion.

The contest will end in one week, at 11:59:59 PM Pacific on October 18.

Contest Entry