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3 responses to “FCC Reveals iDEN Motorola i9 with ModeShift”

  1. omega

    Great looking phone

    Great info thanks Humberto for posting correct info….

  2. Anonymous

    Finally! Nextel customers such as myself can talk in style. When is it available?

  3. emaildejan

    It appears to be the fabled Motorola Cabo i9 phone. Initially it was supposed to be launched near the end of November/early December, 2008, but it appears now that Nextel subscribers won’t see the Cabo until March, 2009…at the earliest. Rumors are that SprintNextel is asking Motorola to add in WiFi, while other sources say WiMAX, and then there are still other sources that claim that the phone simply isn’t working and that’s what the real delay is about. Who knows. Retail price for the Cabo is estimated to be $499.99 MSRP, but a 2-year contract would drop it down (after rebates) to a cool $199.99. Still far from cheap, but at least it would be ALMOST reasonable….but ONLY if it comes with WiFi or (better yet) WiMAX…if you ask me.