FCC Chairman Seeking to Draft New Rules for 700 MHz Auction Winners

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has announced a draft of new rules that would
apply to the winners of next year’s 700 MHz spectrum auction.

In the draft, Martin spells out a mandate to allow customers with any
wireless device access to the network and allowing downloads of any
applications so long as they are not illegal or malicious in nature, while the draft addresses concerns of stagnation and lack of
innovation in devices due to current industry practices, as well as
intentional removal of certain features such as Wi-Fi to protect
revenue streams such as voice minutes on cellular carriers.

such as Google have repeatedly lobbied the FCC to open up wireless
networks to compete in the marketplace while CTIA and other industry
groups have already derided this draft calling it “welfare for Silicon
Valley” on the grounds that government forcing competition will not be
in the best interest of the consumer.