Cingular’s New RAZR Dumps iTunes

Cingular Wireless today released the Motorola V3r. The V3r is identical to the existing Motorola V3i on Cingular, except that it does not include iTunes Mobile. The Fire Red-colored V3r instead uses the Motorola Music Player. The V3r retails for $99.99 after rebate with new two-year agreement, $329.99 without contract.

It is important to note that Cingular has not discontinued the existing V3i, which still includes iTunes Mobile. However, with Cingular is partnering with Microsoft-powered Music Stores, and Apple appearing poised to launch their iPhone at MacWorld Expo in janurary. The V3r marks the first high-end Motorola phone on Cingular to lack iTunes Mobile since the release of the E1 ROKR.

Motorola V3r Product Page