Cingular, T-Mobile Battle for iPhone

The Apple iPhone rumor mill has been a constant rumor cycle for Apple ever since the iPod became the world’s leading consumer electronic device.

Think Secret has reported that Cingular is a lock for Apple’s future wireless phone and service offerings. This would continue Apple’s relations with Cingular, as Cingular is the exclusive carrier for iTunes Mobile phones in the U.S. However, such relations may not be as secure as AppleInsider has rumored.

T-Mobile’s CEO, Robert Dotson, has been making statements as of late that indicate a fruitful relationship between Apple and T-Mobile. He has especially been hyping Mac OS 10.5 Leopard…

“The Leopard operating system does an incredibly good job of integrating video, and you’re starting to see the integration of voice,” he said. “It is a good precursor to how this marketplace can evolve, and how you can really start making money off products and services in a mobile environment.”

While no reference to Apple and phones has been stated by T-Mobile, it is clear that both carriers are preparing to work with Apple well into the future.

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