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29 responses to “Breaking: Dan Hesse Named as Sprint CEO, President”

  1. sherman richardson

    would like to talk to you about your commercial in reference to customer satisfaction. i carry a sprint phone and use a pc internet card for my laptop.
    thanks sid

  2. josephine bell

    i would like to know why do sprint treat there customers the way you people do?i have been a customer with sprint for 16months my bill has been as high as 700$and i paid that bill but when i owed $3.41 not only did u cut my phone off u also took my spending limit from $375 down to $250 i dont feel thats fair and people shouldnt be treated that way that why so many people drop sprint and go to pre-paid that is not the way people should be treated and specially the ones that is paying 600 and 700 a month.i work for a plant of25oo people and i always said i loved my sprint phone and they should go to sprint but from this point on i will be singing a different song.i hope you being the new ceo you will work on a better way to treat people. thank you

  3. josephine bell

    if dan is going to treat people better then the last ceo i wish him the best

  4. Jeri Gray

    I really hope Dan Hesse will read this
    Inaccurate Bill: I have had so much trouble with you and now you are charging me an early termination fee as well as service that I did not receive from you. I was told that my contract ended with you in July of 2007. I have waited until now to change companies. Knowing that I did not have an extended contract with you, I had no idea that you would charge me $400 in termination fees. Also, I ended my service with you on 4/29/08 and you billed me for service from 4/29 to 5/26. Since you have doubled billed me before, I should not have been surprised that you have done so again. I would appreciate you sending this complaint to someone who can remove all of the wrongful charges that you have made. If you would give me the contact information for Dan Hesse, President of your company, I will be happy to contact him.
    I talked to Priscilla employee #427832 today, 6/9 and she was no help at all. She kept putting me on hold to talk to someone, I don’t know who, about my complaint and whoever she talked to had no authority to do anything but deny my request. Sprint is in error with the bill that I received and I am requesting that you delete all charges immediately.

  5. Monica Washington

    I called today to cancell my contract with Spint and I told the Customer Service Rep (Sonya) to shut down all 3 of my lines and send me my final BILL, she told me that she could not do that!!!! I sasked for her Manager she proceeded to keep me on hold for over 14 minutes and then she put a TEAM LEADER on the phone by the name of AUSTIN and again I stated I wanted my 3 phones shut down and send me my final BILL!!! He told me I could not yet again that I had to pay my BILL first I said well I want it noted on my account that I called and requested my SERVICE DISCONNECTED because the SERVICE with SPRINT is UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least!!!!! I also informed him that you can not keep a person in a contract with you when they are calling and telling you that they no longer want your SERVICES!!!!!!!!! My next step is to report SPRINT to the BBB and I am sending a letter to the CEO of SPRINT!!! I have had service with SPRINT for about 4 years and everytime I call in with a dispute for something that was a ERROR of SPRINT I get the run around and I get POOR,POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and basically I have had enough I have taken my TIME and SERVICE to another WIRELESS CARRIER that believes in treating their CUSTOMERS with CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Monica Washington

    I would like to hear back from Dan Hesse regarding my SITUATION with his company.

  7. Renee Evans

    I have been a loyal Spint customer for over 7 years. I have several phones and 2 wireless cards. I am truly disgusted by the customer service I have received. My last 2 bills have been incorrect. I called on May 1st and reported the error, received a case # and I have called every week to check the status of the case. Every week I have been told that the case was still open. On June 10th I called because Sprint cut off one of my phones. I was told that I had to pay the bill which is over $800 before they would turn the line back on. How do you disconnect service on a bill that is waiting on you to correct it? I spent over 1 1/2 hours on the phone – being hung up on – placed on mumerous holds and still there is no resolve. I am aware that customers are leaving Sprint to go to other wireless providers at an alarming rate. I guess that what happens when you receive such poor “customer” service.

    I will not pay the bill until both my April 29th and May 29th bill are corrected.

    I was due a $200 credit from April 23rd for renewing 4 lines – I am yet to see that credit. So it stands to reason that if I pay the bill I will wait months to see a credit. At a time when the economy is suffering, I don’t have money to pay out that is not owed.

    Afterall how long does it take to research and find that on one line I was charged anytime minutes for sprint-to-sprint and nights and weekends. If this is what I get after many years of bisiness with you – I will take my business else where.

    Lastly, I say to you, Sprint, I guess I will see you in court!

    No Thank You,

    Renee Evans

  8. Diane Smith


    Your customer service is horrible. You will not be able to stay in business much longer if you don’t make some improvements soon!

  9. K. Duffy Riklin

    My new Centro is so hard to hear on and so hot that I can barely use it. Sprint exchanged it once, but it is still hard to hear and hot. I am willing to purchase another new phone, but want to know which PDA type phone gets the best reception and not to hot. I live in Sugar Land, a subburb of Houston.

    Please give me some suggestions!
    Duffy Riklin

  10. Linda Jackson

    Dear Mr Hesse,
    I have been a Sprint customer for many years. This past weekend i went into the Sprint store at the Auburn Mall in Auburn, MA to pay my bill. The customer representative who assisted me was Aurora Caputo. She discovered while on the computer that i have been paying for a fair & flexible family plan for many months. I never signed up for this plan. All of my children have their own phones and pay for them.Aurora spoke to several representatives over the phone who would not look into this problem and only agreed to reimburse me $60.00 dollars. Sprint has never been known to have friendly people working for them but when they are rude to other people who work for the same company that is a problem. I would like for someone from your office to contact me to discuss this issue.( as i have seen your commercial on TV and it states that you will turn this company around. Well that won’t happen unless you listen to the people who use Sprint, isn’t that correct? So i will be patiently waiting for your call. In the meantime please make sure that someone gives Aurora the recognition she deserves. She is the type of customer representative that will help to turn Sprint around. Sincerely, Linda Jackson

  11. Tiffay

    June 23, 2008

    This is so funny! My son has a ppc-6700 that I purchased for him for his birthday in December. The cost of the phone was about $549.00 plus tax. The 1st thing I did was make sure that TEP was put on the phone. That’s a lot of phone for my seventeen year old so I wanted to make sure it was protected.

    This past April he needed to have the phone replaced, thank god I had the tep. The phone was replaced and everything was great until.

    The phone will not hold a charge and I was not sure what to do. I know that tep is for the repair and replacement. So I called Asurion and was told that once the phone is replaced that if the phone needs repair then all I have to do is take it to the local repair center in my area. I was told that as a convenience for sprint customers. I would not have to wait for one to be mailed to me, which the store would take care of me. If they could not repair the phone in store then they would replace it with a phone at equal value.

    I had my seventeen year old take the bus to the sprint store;

    This is what is on the e-Ticket work order that he was given.

    Date/time 06/18/2008 12:47 pm
    Store number 0162
    Store Address 1565 Niagara Fall Blvd Ste 5 Amherst NY 14228
    Store number 716- 831-3000

    My son was told that his phone was great and the battery failed. He was told that he would have a new battery in 3 days. Well, today is the 23rd so I called that same store. 1st the sales person by the name of Omar hung up on me. When I called back I got Omar for the 2nd time. I was by him that this sprint store has not had that battery in for sometime. He told me that they would have to order him one. That is when I told Omar that I was about to get pissed off and that my son has waited for 3 days and still no battery. He told that they have 2 batteries in the store for that phone however both have failed the battery test. I then started to get very upset and he said well just come in and we will give you a battery. Now I am like WHAT THE HE!!. He just told they did not have the batteries in stock, the one that was to be ordered for my son may not have been ordered. Now he wants me to drive up my gas to come and get a battery that he just told me failed the battery test. So I called Asurion back. I now talked to a Kathy who told me to work it out with the sprint store. If they replace the phone I will have to pay the $50.00 deductible all over.

    So I then try to calm my self down and go to the computer to look for a new cell phone company for my son. Then I get this monthly news letter from sprint that said and I quote. Thanks for being a valuable member since March, 2001. I have never laughed so hard in my life. If I am so valuable then why did I have to go to hell and back.

    Thanks Dan for making me feel so valuable.

  12. Randy Roberts


    Get it working
    Your Customer service is a joke Yet not a laughing matter

  13. debra

    i have been a customer of sprint for almost 2 years, and in that time i have never gotten a bill that was right they have charged me for things that i did not have or have not changed my plan as i requested. i ordered a new phone and was toe it was free, but when i got my next bill i was was charged for it. i am planning on dropping my service with sprint as soon as my contract is up. i also get treated very badly when i call customer service. i was on the phone for 45 minutes with them and never got anything resolved. please dan hasse i need your help. my husband is disabled and my phone is my only contact with him when i am away from home, he is on oxygen and his condition can go bad very quickly. i need my phones for this reason. please help me.

  14. Marcia Reed

    I hope this concern reaches Dan Hesse, Paget Alves, and Bob Johnson. I have been a Sprint customer for 10+ years. Recently I renewed my contract and purchased a new phone with rebate. However I am very dissatisfied with the M300 Samsung for multiple reasons. I mistakenly tried to give myself time to adjust to this phone and went past the 30 days. I contacted Sprint on 12/14 to discuss my issues. I wanted to trade this phone for another or pay for an upgrade. I was referred to a supervisor. I waited for 19 minutes with no response. I called back on 12/19 @ 10:24am and spoke with Supervisor Katy who advised me Sprint will NOT do ANYthing and if I get the phone repaired I will need to pay for it. She REFUSED to give me the address to the Office of the President and started to speak OVER me. She was not empathic at all and more or less told me customer loyalty was of no value to Sprint. This single experience with Katy makes me want to leave Sprint more than any phone issues I am experiencing. I was a Supervisor of Customer Service for a major utility and later Manager of the Small Business accounts, so I am appalled and perplexed that Sprint places NO value on customer loyalty. I just can’t believe Sprint’s attitude is “so sad, too bad!!” Even if Sprint WILL NOT do anything to help me, at least offer me empathy for my frustration and a morsel of customer appreciation!!

  15. christina thandler

    sprint is horrible. customer service is rude and wont help at all. they transfer you a million times with no results. they leave you on hold forever. like sprint is all you want to talk to. they charged me a deposit without even telling me. i made a payment they told me they didnt receive it and had me fax in the receipt i did it twice and had no results. my phone is still disconnected. no one at sprint knows what there doing. this need to be handled the right way. im leaving sprint as soon as i can. they can keep that 250 if it helps them any because they wont be getting any money from me!!!!

  16. Pam Wozniak

    I have been a Sprint customer for almost 10 years now. No more! I purchased a Blackberry Curve 10 days ago. Every call made has been dropped. All incoming calls are dropped. When I called customer service, they walked me through replacing the card. That didn’t work. I was told to take it to a local Sprint store to exchange it. Here’s the kicker! If I want to exchange it, I have to pay a $35.00 “re-stocking” charge. What are they going to do, re-stock a used phone? If this is the case, my guess it I received a “re-stocked” phone that someone turned in because it didn’t work. This is truly unbelievable. I’ll pay the $35.00 and cancel the service. Will also write to the Attorney General to see if any other complaints similar to this have been filed against Sprint. Wow, you really know how to treat your customers, don’t you.

  17. jimmy

    i dont know why it should be harder for customers .thats been with the company for yrs to pay the higher price it should be the other way around , i wanted to get three new phones scp 2700 sanyo a blue one for myself a red one for my daughter and pink one for my wife and they said that will be 1400.00 hundred dollars and if for some reason this gets changed i should get three new phones.i been divorce for 9 yrs and my daughter asked me to get her hooked up for a phone .and i said sure and i went to your redding office and made plans to get my daughter a . and they said they can give her a phone and following week i went in with my daughter and they said i could’nt get that phone and they made me feel like an ass in front of my daughter so i had to go al the way home to get her a used phone and i been with your company over 4 yrs whats wrong with this page

  18. jimmy

    dan hesse and if its changed around the other way you will mak more sales people buy more phones

  19. alice

    I have been a customer for over 7 years and today is third time that sprint has screwed me with their lies. First I’m told that I would get 10% off for a year, when I called today to ask about it since it’s now June and I was told this in March in order to get me to sign a new agreement which I did, Then, 3 wks later I got an offer for a free month, I called to find out how this would affect the 10% offer, I was told that it would not affect it at all Today I was told I would have to give the free month money back in order to get the 10% off . I wish I had signed a new agreement….when it’s over I will run to a new carrier

  20. jimmy

    if dan hesse is going to makec any changes he needs to do it now if he wants to keep his customers.because its getting worse an worse

  21. Neal

    It is incredible for the first time in 7 years we received a $1300.00 phone bill. It is very easy to explain that
    Sprint send me a new blackberry for “customer service” reasons. Basically meaning they jerked me around,
    lied to me and spit in my face. But all of a sudden they are the hero’s in the tight blue pants and red cape
    to make everything all better.

    Call me Captain Obvious but I am not stupid, I understand the game they played. After 40+ hours of
    moaning and complaining on the phone FINALLY an escalation manager received my call. Her name
    was Neva Hayden e-mail address (hint hint on how their email system works)
    And she and I talked for hours explaining this and discussing that credit but this was on a Wed. and
    she would not be back until Sat. morning. I was happy with this because she seemed like she cared
    and gave her e-mail address etc. She did respond to my e-mails when she got back( I had a few
    “questions” about what was going on. Well Saturday morning came and well no call, no response
    to e-mails, the phone number she gave me was a mass voicemail box and I even faxed her.

    Saturday went by, now sunday is almost gone. Still no return of anything. There was one phone number that
    the billing issues were on and I was told to cancel the line and she would waive the disconnect fee. *cough cough liar cough cough*
    So I did go and open the new line like we discussed and well I am glad I am with in my 30 days.

    If I had the money to pay full retail phone and disconnect fee, I would make a film put it on youtube and smash it with a hammer
    pour gas on it and set it on fire. MAYBE that would get Sprint’s attention, however I really doubt it but if I come across a cheap or free
    phone you bet I am going to do it. I will post the link here if I do it!

    Thanks for letting me rant. FYI I have sent e-mails to all of the corporate people using the same e-mail format that Neva gave
    me and so far none of them have bounced back. If I get through to someone (doubtful) but could happen. I will post all
    of their information here.

  22. Neal

    One last thing sorry. This is a great auto response I get from Neva. Nice huh? Oh that number for immediate assistance NOBODY ever calls you back!

    Thank you for your e-mail. I am currently on another call or away from my desk. I will respond to your message within one business day.

    If you do not hear from me, I may be unexpectedly out of the office. If you need immediate assistance please leave a voicemail message at 1-866-972-6143.

    I appreciate your business and look forward to speaking with you.

    Neva Hayden
    Escalation Management Team
    Sacramento Contact Center

  23. mae gay

    Dear Mr, Hesse,
    We upgrade on our phone in Dec. The bill went to a $1,000. My phone keep being turn off. Our upgrade for 2 phones $300.00 dollar credit I wrote 2 letter Jan. 3,2010 & Feb. 27, 2010.. HTC Hero $279.00
    & Samsung Moment $279.00. Both of the phone are not $149.00 & $99.00 They would have received $200.00 rebate . + $300.00 credit $150 buy back credit $600.00 credit to this bill. they did received $50.00 in equipment. now you charge me $1,100 for phones. change over from Nextel my last bil was only $8,75. now. we should only pay 150.00 only or less. Now my phone is off. can get any one to help. With nextel had a problem they called me back solve my problem and gave me credit. Never got my phone turn off until we got this upgarde.

  24. Brenda S. Morton

    Mr. Hesse

    I would like to apologize up front for the lengthy message, but I felt the need, for the first time, to complain about the customer service.

    This is not a common process for me, but for the first time, I wanted to write to someone who has a vested interest in the company and express my disappointment in the customer service that I have just spent over 40 min. on the phone trying to resolve.

    March 9 I contacted Sprint regarding a discrepancy in the billing from the billing period of Jan. 26- Feb 25. There was a discount change should have taken place when we changed our phone plan. From 18% to 25% with the American Airlines discount.

    The increase of the discount was first reported by me in late January, stating that the change did not occur. The customer service representative said she would fix the discount right at that time, but when I received my next billing (as time frame stated above) the change was still not effective.

    At this point I called again and took notes on who I spoke with along with times and what was discussed. When I called for a second time, (on March 9) I spoke with Marlene (a helpful and friendly representative) who worked with me in length to ensure the discount got applied appropriately for the next billing cycle, as well as to offer me a credit of $11.96 for 2 months of incorrect billing.

    She stated I was a premier customer and had I considered upgrading the primary line on the account. I expressed that I was, but because my husband and I wanted to take advantage of the Blackberry Curve (buy one get one free for 49.99 after mail in rebate) she asked if I would be interested in upgrading the primary line with the Blackberry Curve. Again I stated that I wanted to take advantage of the offer at the store and at that time she excused herself and put me on hold for a little while. When she returned she asked if we were going to be upgrading the second line in August and I said yes, so at that time, she stated that she could offer the primary line free to me because of the incovenience and due to the dedicated history as a customer.

    My husband wasn’t home at the time so I told her I would let he know but wasn’t sure I would take advantage of it at this time as it would be his line. When he returned from his business trip he said that he would go ahead and accept the offer, at which time I had already received an email from Sprint, apologiziing for the need for a phone call and hoped that they had resolved all my issues and concerns. I replied back that issues were resolved, but per Marlene’s offer, I wanted to go ahead and accept the free Blackberry Curve at this time.

    I recieved a reply back to that email as well as there was a message left of my mobile asking me to call the 888 number per mail email message. Upon reaching customer service again this evening, a young lady (whose name I didn’t get) was unable to help me with my request and provided me with a Sr. Account Manager, Fabian. Fabian again was unable (unwilling) to accept my request so I asked for another person more senior to him.

    He stated that he knew I wasn’t lying but there were no notes to support my comment therefore could not help offer me what had been offered before. This upset me anyway that he even used the phrase “I’m sure you’re not lying” as that indicated to me that we definitely something that had crossed his mind.

    After 32 minutes, he brought another Sr. Account Manager, Crystal, on the line with me, who also, was not able/willing to provide me with the offer that had previously been made to me. She did however offer me the Blackberry Curves as a promotional for $149.99, in which she would provide me with a $50.00 credit to my account.

    All of this frustration, over 1) someone not putting notes in the system as to the offer made to me and 2) somewhere between $50.00 and $100.00. Again, I have been a loyal customer of Sprint, with auto draft of my account, (therefore never a late pay) for 10 years. I do appreciate that Sprint has finally acknowledged the benefits to a long time, loyal customer, and has begun offering some benefits and incentives to retain them. I have never experienced the frustration level as I have in this specific situation with my Sprint service and in the past, have recommended Sprint service to many friends and family.

    You are possibly thinking that the Sr. Account Managers handled the call as they have been trained and you may be of the same opinion that your representatives are, 1) that Sprint has no notes on my account to support my comment and 2) that I lack just over 4 months of being able to upgrade both lines for the buy one get one offer, but regardless, I wanted to make you aware of my frustrated feelings at this time.


    Brenda S. Morton

  25. melissa miller

    We purchased this new phone on 7-12-2010 at this retail sprint store, with the 30 day Guarantee. We called on Tuesday 7-16-2010 spoke with Sam she stated for us to come to store with phone and they would be able to exchange, we took phone to the store she said she would pass information to her boss and have a new phone to us BY Thursday 7-23-2010, I called Thursday afternoon, she stated that they could not get us a new one and we would need to drive 2 hrs round trip to a service repair store, so the next day Friday 7-24-2010 after speaking with Customer Service at, we were informed we could simply take phone back for a full return and order new on internet, upon arriving we were then again told by Sam’s boss we could not do that and he would have a phone for us BY Monday 7-27-2010, I spoke with her boss the district manager and he said he would send a replacement phone overnight with Sam so we could pick up on Saturday 7-25-2010.
    Husband and I drove back to store on Saturday waited 2 hrs the store never opened and n closure sign, I came back (today) Monday 7-27-2010 again waited from 10-12 they still are not open and no sign closures, I called and they state it is an independent dealer and they too refuse to help us unless we pay another $106.00. I have also called the 3 Grand Rapids, MI stores looking for the DM with no luck. We also just signed up for an extended 2 yr plan contract with this new phone which we are returning at this point and letting contract run out.

    As well we should not have to pay any costs associated with this line as we cannot even use this new phone.



  27. Will collins

    I have had three replacement blackberry phones I need a new one noone will help me, I have three lines with sprint.

  28. Jamie Pinkney

    My name is Jamie Pinkney. I thought I was a Valued customer for the last 10 years up until now. I had to go care for my mother for a family emergency so my phone was off for 3 months for the summer of 2011. shut my phone back on the end of august & was told my deposit of $250 was waived & sprint turned my phone back on. Every week after that sprint kept shutting my phone off requesting a $250 & this kept happening for weeks. Long story short. I was lied to cause once again my phone was shut off & was demanded to pay the $250 deposit fee that was waived , I was told to jus pay the outstanding balance of $260 which I did. sprint reps pretty much called me a liar & said that’s not possible; you set up a payment plan, that was lie 2. I’ve had sprint service for jus about 10yrs, longer than some of these reps have even been working their now @ $110 a month, do the math. that’s how much money I paid to have this service. Who cares If i mad late payments cause that’s what their trying to say now @ the end of the day, week, month; the bill got paid in full. It’s sad when money clogs the brain, because it allows people to not think outside the box. I refuse to pay another deposit of reconnection especially after I was lied to about the fee being waved, I’d rather start using smoke signal then to give these people another DIME. Sprint!!!!! Think of all the money you would make off me for the next 10yrs If you continued my service… I’m done!!!! I call cooperate office, I get nothing…. SPRINT!! YOU GUYS SUCK… send me to collection. I’ll pay thousands B4 I give you another fucking connection Fee……

  29. Jamie Pinkney

    Dan Good luck with everything. Show these people how to run a Business.. Pumasimone@yahoo…