Boost Mobile to go CDMA with Hybrid and non-Hybrid Devices can confirm that Sprint has begun executing plans to convert Boost Mobile to CDMA. Many popular CDMA devices have begun being tested for conversion to Boost Mobile. We can confirm that mostly Motorola devices will continue to cover Boost’s lineup, however, not all devices will be Hybrid Network (using CDMA for voice/data, and iDEN for push-to-talk).

The Motorola ic502 Buzz and ic402 Racer are currently being evaluated for Boost, as is the Motorola C290. Other devices have not been confirmed, but most at this time are 1xRTT Vision phones. It is not yet known when Boost Mobile will adopt EV-DO, however it is clear that Sprint plans to re-brand Boost Mobile as the official Sprint PCS prepaid solution. It also marks the first time Boost phones will be released lacking a Push-to-Talk solution.

Boost Mobile’s branding however, will likely remain the same, simply with Sprint Prepaid more emphasized along side the brand (similar to Sprint, together with Nextel branding). Customers on iDEN will continue to be able to use the service through next year without any forced migration to CDMA devices.