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5 responses to “Boost Mobile Fixing SMS and Network Issues by May 7”

  1. Don Louie

    Sad that it took prepay subs to complain when this was an issue long before Boost came around

  2. jj

    Even with the text problem they are still smart to have this plan and change the cell phone game. It makes other companies rethink their strategies and help out consumers.

  3. epicphail

    I bet all of those Nextel post paid subs feel loved right now. I have always just told people that crappy text messaging is just one of the many wonderful features of the iden network. a few months of boost unlimited and sprint realizes it is an issue. that is the one thing about sprint that I cannot stand. their forecasts are always wrong or they fail to see the simplest cause and effect relationships in their decisions and then scramble to fix things. over promise and under deliver. now that’s life at sprint speed.

  4. JJ

    Your right, boost iden isn’t known for their text messaging. But at least they are fixing it now and they are still #1 in push to talk service and aren’t bad at all with their voice service. So far sprint has lost lots of customers due their many issues, but at the same time they are working on those issues and doing a good job at it. You also stated something about sprint speed? Boost is not included in the sprintspeed. Boost is 2g not 3g like the sprint side. Boost isn’t advertising their highspeed evdo. Plus this $50 price is aimed at the economy that we are currently in. Which is an awesome price for what they are offering. You might want to do a little research before plugging a bunch of thoughts together that do not go together.

  5. Don Louie

    Did the fix actually go thru?