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9 responses to “AT&T’s AIO Wireless to Expand Nationwide in Mid-September”

  1. Creighton

    The big bummer in all this though. Its always something it seems is people should be aware that Aio does not support short code messaging . Which is impt to people like me who get them like UPS alerts, bank messages, and other free Hotel promos and stuff like that. Strange part to me is I don’t know why they don’t allow them and were just talking about the FREE ones too & AT&T’s own GoPhone which im currently using unlocked Tmobile phone on lets them through as well as Tmobile prepaid allows them & Metro, Cricket etc.. I have reached out to Aio & they say they are working to add this impt feature. When they do I will probably switch. They don’t list in there terms anywhere either that I could see that they don’t support short code sms.

  2. Creighton

    Does tracfone that uses At&T support them now.. ? I thought that actually Net10 & StraightTalk were the actually the only main ones who don’t & they state it in there terms whereas the problem too is Aio doesn’t that I could find & they are going to have disappointed folks esp if they don’t resolve this with the upcoming nationwide launch. I did get an encouraging reply from there FB page though at least with the following – Hi Creighton! We know this feature is very important to our customers. We don’t have a launch date quite yet, but our team is working to hard to make it happen soon.. So hopefully it will happen sooner then later & then ill prob gladly switch to them. Makes sense what you said but I still was surprised there not supporting this when most of all the others do.. I am glad I did my homework first whereas some people & a couple others have also commented after they got service that they were upset that they weren’t advised this wasn’t included.

  3. Creighton

    Gotcha. & thanks for reply again . Ya I know Cricket used to not let any of them really through & thats changed. metro actually advertises it as a feature. Im sure you know that, And most carriers actually more support them then don’t. Just was strange to me again I guess that Aio currently doesn’t when GoPhone etc does. So I will not switch until they fix it. I was going to recommend them too. But will not yet. It doesn’t seem like it should be hard for them to add this too. And again im only wanting the free ones nothing that you have to sign up & pay for. So I have really brought it to there attention & am hoping that they are gonna have this fixed soon in conjuction with the widespread rollout. Again it seems like it’s always something! right. haha.

  4. Creighton

    Hey Humberto buddy maybey you could have a little leverage for me and send them a message or something abt this??. Maybey would help speed things along esp since they aren’t putting in there terms etc anywhere on there site that they don’t support this. It would really be the only thing I can see that’s gonna hault me from switching over to them..

  5. Creighton

    Sounds good Thanks much!!

  6. Creighton

    Another person replied to me that wondered why there amber alerts! went away using aio & now they know . See its an important feature. I feel like im on a mission now! And your help is appreciated as I always have loved your site for being such a good advocate! More people should know of