AT&T Unity to Get Rollover (Updated)

Sources have confirmed to that AT&T plans to add rollover minutes to its Unity plans. Unity plans give AT&T wireless customers free calling to any AT&T or BellSouth local, business, or mobile phone.

One common complaint about Unity plans was the lack of rollover minutes. Unity plans had a built-in higher cost, starting at $59.99/month. AT&T responded that these plans had much less need for rollover, since they were aimed at users that frequently called AT&T customers.

Some price points will be changed dramatically, cutting the prices down to being much more in-line with standard plans. Lower-minute plans however will be less affected.

However, older Unity customers will not get Rollover instantly. Instead, users with “original” Unity plans will have to call in after 7/15 to migrate to the new plans.

Update: Existing Unity customers will receive Rollover, however there will be a significant delay before their accounts are updated. AT&T will add Rollover to all existing Unity accounts in September, but customers can also switch to the new plans on 7/15 to get it sooner.