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5 responses to “AT&T Slashes Prices on iPhone 3G Refurbs (Again)”

  1. Jeff

    I jumped on this a day or so ago. I just got it setup last night. Thanks to Sprint for raising their admin fee so I could get out of my contract and get an iPhone finally. I just listened to Slacker (streaming) over my iPhone all the way into work today. Sweet!

  2. Paul

    Thanks Chris!

    I just odered mine on Monday (and it came on Thursday) – for $249. I called AT&T customer service and they put a $50 credit into my account instantly.

    Thanks again!


  3. JJ

    I would get this but its still too expensive for a phone that doesnt have a memory card slot, or voice turn by turn navigation. Id rather get the fuze. Can this phone be put on pay as you go?

  4. AmazinglySmooth

    Yeah, the iPhone sux. No one is goin’a want that sh*t.

  5. Scott Diener

    A memory card slot for what,. already comes with 8gb or 16gb and there are apps to use the iphone as a removable drive