Apple Working on iPhone Version 2.0.1 Update, Version 2.1 for iPhone 3G

Apple has been seeding two new firmware builds to selected developers and AT&T designed to address specific issues in the iPhone 3G and the first generation iPhone with software version 2.0.

Firmware 2.1 for the iPhone isn’t the unexpected release most are claiming it to be thanks to the selective memory present in the media, but it does bring a few notable improvements over the first release such as improved GPS performance through the further improvement of the Core Location library, an API for in between background push sevices for application developers, as well as the addition of extensions for cut/copy/paste functionality in Safari as well as other potential applications, though Apple’s current position on the functionality is negative, despite the outcry from users and detractors.

Firmware 2.0.1 is a bugfix release being developed jointly with AT&T for users of both generations of the iPhone who have reported issues with stability, accelerometer issues on the 3G, camera issues on the first generation model when updated to firmware 2.0, with the appropriate build model numbers in 5B101 for first-generation iPhones and build number 5B103 for 3G iPhones being sent between Apple and AT&T.

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4 responses to “Apple Working on iPhone Version 2.0.1 Update, Version 2.1 for iPhone 3G”

  1. Wayne Reid

    I’ve just installed 2.0.1 and i think it’s working the way it should especially with the installment of applications . I took my iPhone to an apple store 3 times because the memory crashed while download apps. , i’ve ran a few test since downloading the new update and it seems to be holding up . If they didn’t make this fix they would’ve lost alot of money because people were afraid to visit the Apps store and download apps because of the anoying problems they were having , even more when they were downloading derectly from the iPhone.

  2. Marc Zand

    I just installed the 2.01 update, however I am still not able to get my voicemail messages from my corporate email account. I was told by an employee at the Apple store in NYC that this is a known problem. When will there be a fix for this problem?

  3. Kay Petroff

    They need to fix the Bluetooth problem before anything else!! Why have a phone that is going to get you a ticket because it won’t hook up bluetooth.

  4. Peanut

    Blast! The update failed my on 1st gen. Stuck in a boot up. I was getting tired of the thing anyway, guess I will make it a coaster.