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8 responses to “Apple iSlate to Support Clear WiMax Service? (Updated)”

  1. Don Louie

    This would be a good thing but does it necessarily mean it’ll be WiMax? If I’m wrong let of know but current MiFi and WiMax routers convert signals to WiFi

  2. Christopher Price

    Clear is a WiMAX carrier. This isn’t related to MiFi or WiMAX routers at all. It appears Apple’s device would function similar to the Samsung Mondo, as a WiMAX-enabled MID.

  3. Don Louie

    That would give WiMax a huge boost if they start loading equipment with it, will they make a phone with it is the question

  4. Christopher Price

    Considering Clear’s footprint… it’s highly unlikely. I suspect they will either offer some form of VoIP calling or (more likely) defer that market to Skype. With a much more powerful CPU, background applications are probably a sure thing, thus allowing that to happen wherever there is WiMAX or Wi-Fi.

    A CDMA & WiMAX hybrid device on Sprint 4G is interesting, but not what Apple appears to be pursuing. It is more likely iPhone will head to LTE, in order to pursue a two-carrier strategy with AT&T and Verizon.

  5. Apple Islates

    Interested to see everything iSlate has to offer. Your article was very enlightening.

  6. joetexas

    I just got the word from a ATT rep. late lastnight. Get this! “AT&T WILL NOT BE THE CARRIER FOR APPLES NEW IPAD” I think a new player on the block like this company CLEAR with its new wimax network & its flat rate price makes for a tasty matchup with the big apple. Anyone wanta take that bet?

  7. Infant Stroller

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  8. Maxwell

    is there any latest info regarding iSlate..because long time didn’t get any news about iSlate